Currently UXCam SwiftUI’s integration can only be done through SPM (Swift Package Manager). Integration via Cocoapods will come in future versions.

SDK Integration

If you're building your app using SwiftUI, please integrate UXCam following these steps:

Add UXCamSwiftUI Package:



Initialization Steps:

  • Import UXCam at the top of your main App struct:
import UXCamSwiftUI
import UXCam
  • Add an init method to your main App struct and add the following calls:
     let config = UXCamSwiftUI.Configuration(appKey: "YOUR APP KEY")
     UXCamSwiftUI.start(with: config)


That completes the integration process.
Your session will be shown on the dashboard within a few seconds after the app goes in the background.
You can optionally use the API's for customizations such as identifying users from your database with UXCam, tagging sessions or hiding sensitive views.


Automatic Screen Tagging is not available for the UXCamSwiftUI library due to the nature of SwiftUI, manual screen tagging is required, using our tagScreenName API.

Screen Tagging and Hiding Sensitive Data for Swift UI have some differences and you can check some examples on the documentation, all other customization APIs provided by UXCam can be called regularly done with iOS by importing UXCam and calling the desired method.

What’s Next