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UXCam React Native SDK Installation & Quick Start

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Follow the instructions below for Integration



We're currently working in updating the React Native's new Architecture

It is expected this update will come in the upcoming weeks and we will update this information accordingly.

In the meantime, thanks for your patience and collaboration and don't hesitate to reach out if needed.

SDK Integration


  • iOS 10 is the lowest version supported for recording sessions, which matches the default minimum version for new React Native projects.

Native Integration

  1. To add UXCam to your project:

    yarn add react-native-ux-cam
    //If you use npm instead of yarn
    npm i react-native-ux-cam
  2. Add imports and create the configuration object in your App.js when your app starts. Your App-key is available on the UXCam dashboard

    import RNUxcam from 'react-native-ux-cam';
    RNUxcam.optIntoSchematicRecordings(); // Add this line to enable iOS screen recordings
    const configuration = {
        userAppKey: 'YOUR API KEY',
        enableAutomaticScreenNameTagging: false,
        enableImprovedScreenCapture: true


That completes the integration process.

Your session will be shown on the dashboard within a few seconds after the app goes in the background. You can optionally use the API'es for customizations such as identifying users from your database with UXCam, tagging sessions or hiding sensitive views.


SDK Updates

To check all the information on the fixes and improvements on the latest versions of the SDK, please visit this page.

Video Tutorial

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