Data Access API

The UXCam Data Access API is designed using REST principles, featuring predictable URLs with a resource-oriented structure, that accepts requests in form-encoded format, and returns responses in JSON format while adhering to standard HTTP response codes, authentication methods, and verbs.

Go ahead and try out our REST APIs with credentials on Postman)

Run in Postman

Postman Guide

Postman enables you to test and utilize UXCam's Data Access APIs without requiring a developer account. You can set up and send requests and receive responses for the provided Data Access APIs.


To check the Postman technical documentation, please visit this site

Steps to set up postman for UXCAM's Data Access APIs collection:)

  1. Log in to your Postman account
  2. Create your own fork of the collection by clicking the โ€œClick hereโ€ button below
  3. Give a name to your fork and select a workspace.

UXCam setup

Steps to get you authentication parameters

To use the UXCam Data Access APIs, you will need to have two authentication parameters:

  • App ID: This is the ID of the app you created on the UXCam Dashboard
  • API Key: This is a randomly generated authentication key to validate UXcam Data Access APIs only.

These parameters can be obtained by following the instructions below.

  1. Login to your Dashboard
  2. Go to App Settings
  3. Browse into the Application tab.
  4. Click on the Data Access API tab. (Here, you will get the App ID and API key)
  5. An API key is a unique identifier used to connect to, or perform, an API call. This key can be generated by clicking the "Generate random API key" button. If there is one already that exists, use that one instead.


You are all set!