Pause and Resume Recording

Pause Recording

Use this API in case you want to stop the screen recording of a session indefinitely. This can be helpful for:

  • Avoid recording some parts of the app that are not relevant.
  • Omit some screens and gestures that you want to avoid in your recordings.
RNUxcam.pauseScreenRecording: () => void
void pauseScreenRecording()
void UXCam.PauseScreenRecording()
UXCam.pauseScreenRecording: () => void

Resume Recording

Use this API to resume the recording of the screen and gestures where the recording has been previously paused.

RNUxcam.resumeScreenRecording: () => void
void resumeScreenRecording()
void UXCam.ResumeScreenRecording()
UXCam.resumeScreenRecording: () => void