Fragment Based Tagging



Please keep in mind that this feature is only available in versions 3.6.2+ of the UXCam Android SDK


Android Recommendation

If you're using this feature, we highly recommend using only automatic screen name tagging to avoid having manually tagged screens that don't properly represent your actual app's screens.

Fragment Based Tagging

Fragment-based tagging is a feature that enables users to auto-tag fragments in their apps.

How to implement this?

Enabling this feature is at easy as it is. In your dashboard, navigate to App Settings -> Data capture & recording -> And under Additional settings you will see and option called "Auto tag screen fragments on Android"

That is correct, is that simple! As soon as this option is enabled, all of your fragments will be automatically tagged.


Here you can check an example where the fragments are automatically tagged.

  • In here, Transaction Activity had 2 fragments (d45ef3 and cceda6) which represent a fragment being initiated.


Keep in mind

Please keep in mind that at the moment this is only supported for AndroidX

In case you have any questions, please feel free to favourite support team at [email protected]