UXCam Xamarin SDK Installation & Quick Start

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Please download the latest Xamarin UXCam component from here

For reference on including a component into your project visit here.

SDK Installation


  1. Import the UXCam agent header at the top of your AppDelegate.cs

    using Com.UXCam;
  2. Add this call as the first line of your AppDelegate FinishedLaunching method

    UXCam.DisableCrashHandling(true); // UXCam crash handling not compatible with some internal Xamarin use of signals and exceptions
    UXCam.StartWithKey("App-key from UXCam");


  1. Edit AndroidManifest.xml to make sure the following permissions are present

    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />
  2. Edit AndroidManifest.xml to Add following services inside your application tag

    <service android:name="com.uxcam.service.HttpPostService"/>
  3. In every activity that is an entry point to your app add

    using Com.UXCam;
  4. Add UXCam.startApplicationWithKey("App-key") inside onCreate method

    UXCam.StartWithKey("App-key from UXCam");


OkHttp Error

It is necessary that you manually add Okhttp3 dependency to your project, it can be found here.

This should solve the problem and the integration should be completed.


That completes the integration process.
Your session will be shown on the dashboard within a few seconds after the app goes in the background.

You can optionally use the API'es for customizations such as identifying users from your database with UXCam, tagging sessions or hiding sensitive views.

What’s Next