Upgrading the UXCam SDK

This is a small guide that will help you keeping the UXCam SDK up to date.


SDK Updates

To check all the information on the fixes and improvements on the latest versions of the SDK, please visit this page.


pod version


  • Run pod update in the project directory to update the dependency.

If you don't have Cocoapods integrated, you will need to manually update the new SDK.


pod version

  1. Navigate to your app > build.gradle (Where the UXCam dependency is located)
  2. Change the version of the UXCam dependency (For this example is version 3.6.21)
dependencies { 
     implementation 'com.uxcam:uxcam:3.6.21' 

React Native

npm version


  1. Check if there are any updates for dependencies that are in your package.json by running:
npx npm-check-updates -u 
  1. Run the following:
npm install 


  1. You can upgrade the UXCam dependency to the latest major version with the following:
yarn upgrade react-native-ux-cam --latest 


npm version

  1. First run npm outdatedto check for updates automatically.
  2. Then first remove and re-install the plugin:
cordova plugin remove cordova-uxcam
cordova plugin add cordova-uxcam
  1. Run npm outdated again to check if this worked.


npm version

  1. Run the following:
tns plugin update nativescript-uxcam


npm version

  1. Run the following:
flutter pub upgrade


NuGet version

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the latest Xamarin UXCam Component.
  2. You can download it in here.