Locate your API Key

Each UXCam account can track multiple apps.
If you want to track one of your apps, you should have 2 API keys. This is so that you can have a test environment and a production environment.

If you do not have 2 API Keys, please reach out to [email protected]
You will need one key for a test environment and one key for your production data.


Combining internal/test data with your production data is not recommended and will cause your data to be skewed unless you manually filter it each time. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to separate your test and production data sets!

You can do this in a multitude of ways for example:
The app opens, SDK starts
Verify if employee
Isn't employee? Continue recording
Is employee? Call the OptOut API

In order to have the correct API Keys, you will either need access to the UXCam dashboard, or someone on your team needs access. If you need to invite someone to the account please see here for how to do that.

  1. Login to UXCam and ensure there are 2 apps (test and production). If there is only one app within your UXCam Dashboard, click on the account in the top left-hand corner and choose Create new app
  1. After you created another app/environment or if you are accessing an older account, click on Recording Settings and ensure you are under the Application tab:
  1. Locate and copy your API key:

The next step is to follow the SDK integration per your framework, please look under the SDKs section in the left menu.