Expo Integration

This is a quick guide on how to integrate UXCam into your Expo application.

Expo is a universal platform used for building native applications for both Android and iOS. But as good as it sounds, it has its own limitations. Expo does not support native modules so previously, in order to add libraries such as UXCam you will need to detach your project.

But the sun always shines after the storm, and now with the introduction of EAS, which is simply another version of Expo which will allow you to add any custom native code to your build, so in other words, detaching your Expo project is no longer necessary.

So in case you have an Expo application and want to check the possibility of integrating UXCam in your application, please just follow the next steps:


  1. Install the latest EAS CLI - For this you can just do the following:

     npm install -g eas-cli
  2. Configure your project to run under the EAS build - For this you can do the following to configure your iOS and Android Projects:

     eas build:configure 
  3. Add UXCam in your application - You can follow the instructions listed in here.

  4. Run your build - For this you can do:

    eas build --platform android 
    eas build --platform ios


This will complete the integration process.
Your session will be shown on the dashboard within a few seconds after the app goes in the background.

For more reference on how to add EAS into your Expo application, please visit the following link: https://docs.expo.dev/build/setup/

Please reach out to our Customer Success Team at [email protected] if you need any additional help.