Is it possible to get relevant heatmaps when scrolling?

If you want to get relevant heatmaps when scrolling, you should use this API to define each screen separately.

Why my screens appear under the name “MainActivity”?

It's most likely that you are using a cross-platform framework, such as React Native, Flutter or Nativescript. UXCam captures the Screen (view controller/activity) name automatically, but when it comes to this specifics frameworks, you would need to tag your screens manually. You can find more information in here

Why do I have a lot of “unknowns” screens?

This is a problem related to the tagging of the screens. If you are using our API for Tagging the Screens (More information in here then you need to make sure that every screen is being tagged properly, this includes the first one as well (the launcher or the first screen that gets initialized when your application is starting)