How UXCam works

UXCam is a single source of truth for mobile app insights that fuels product-led growth.

With the integration of UXCam in your application, you will be able to capture information about the processes and interactions that your users have with all parts of your app. This will help you to make decisions about the usability of your product and more. You will have different features such as Session Replay Analytics, Heatmap analytics, User Analytics among others. You can find the list of all of them here.

Integrating UXCam into your application requires little developmental effort and can be accomplished easily. The only thing you have to identify is the architecture of your application, as well as the platform, and follow the guides that are located under the SDKs section.

UXCam will start recording your users' behavior once they open the app and the recording will stop once they send the app to the background. Opening the app and sending it to the background = one session within UXCam.


If you are unfamiliar with UXCam or have more questions about the data collection, please see the FAQ sections, specifically the Sessions page as it contains a good overview.