Invite Members to your Team

You can invite additional members of your team to the UXCam dashboard by navigating to the Team tab under App settings and then entering the email address and the access level.

Access can be set on a granular level individually for each app, see here.

Block Personally Identifiable Information

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of your users should be excluded from being recording.

We provide various client-side API to block sensitive views. These method prevents sensitive information from being recorded and hence ever leaving the user's device.

Send Additional Information

You can send additional information to our dashboard and customize it to your needs.

  • Events and Event Properties: You can attach events and event properties to each session, allowing you to filter sessions and analyze based on events.

  • User Name and Information: You can attach Unique ID and User Properties, allowing you to easily search for users based on names and properties.

Customize Screen Names

UXCam captures screens automatically. The default names of the screens are downloaded from your app. If you want to name them differently, go to a particular screen and edit it by clicking on the pencil icon next to the screen name:

If you have a few screens captured under one, you can separate them with the Tag Screen Name API.

Select what sessions to record

UXCam, by default, records all sessions. You can opt to record a fraction of sessions or choose to do rule-based recording (based on parameters such as if the app crashes or user visits certain screen).

To change the default settings, navigate to the Rule-based Recording under App Settings page.

Attach Session Replay to your existing tools

UXCam sessions can be attached to your existing tools (such as Mixpanel, Crashlytics, Google Analytics, and Others), allowing to get visual context to your crash reporting, support request, quantitative data and more.

What XCode version should I have?

The Following table shows the minimum versions of XCode you need to have in order to work with the specifics versions of the iOS SDK.

iOS SDK Version

XCode Version


XCode 11.4*


XCode 12.0


XCode 12.4+


XCode 12.5+


XCode 13.0+

*Apple is stopping accepting apps built with XCode 11 from the start of April 2021, so an update is definitely recommended.

Can I integrate UXCam with a web app that has a Native wrapper?

It is possible, please keep in mind you would lose most of the functionalities such as the tagging of the screens, sending events, obscuring sensitive data, etc.) It's not a recommended setup.

What is the size of the UXCam SDK?

The sizes of the SDK for both Android and iOS are the following:

  • Android : 250KB*
  • iOS : 200KB - 800KB*

*This of course depends on the version of iOS that is being targeted as well as what other frameworks are already in the app.

Does UXCam affect the performance of the application?

We make sure UXCam does not impact app performance as:

  • Video recording is done on a background thread to maintain app responsiveness.
  • Recordings are uploaded when the app goes into the background to ensure no impact is made on the bandwidth during runtime of the app
  • You can opt to upload the recordings only when the device is connected to a WiFi network. Doing so will save the recordings on the device and upload them to the dashboard when the device is connected to Wifi.

The network bandwidth of a session is dependent on device size and the length of the recording.

An average 1-minute recording of a session takes 100KB data.