Hide Sensitive Data


Important Notice

The below APIs are for legacy data occlusion and starting from SDK versions 3.4.1 (iOS), 3.4.0+ (Android), 5.4.0 (React Native) and 2.1.1 (Flutter) please refer to latest screen occlusion and blurring APIs in these guides

UXCam ensures that as a controller you can use our platform and fulfill your obligations under GDPR. However, if you collect any PII data in your app such as email address, phone, or credit card number you should use our API to hide it.

You can choose to hide:

  • Texts: when you only collect PII data with text fields
  • Screen Views: when you need to hide a specific section of your screen.
  • Screens: when you need to hide the whole screen, e.g. payment screen.

Sensitive information will be hidden under red boxes on the device before rendering the video and therefore never sent to UXCam. Make sure that all this info is hidden before releasing your app to production to make sure your users’ PII is never recorded.

Please keep in mind that when hiding sensitive information you can still record gestures for that view or screen, however, if you’re hiding passwords or keywords you should enable the option to hide gestures as well.


Note: please keep in mind that some of the options are not available for all Frameworks.

Hide Sensitive View

Use it to hide specific views with sensitive information that you don't want to record.

UXCam.occludeSensitiveView(_ sensitiveView: UIView)
UXCam.occludeSensitiveView(View sensitiveView);
RNUxcam.occludeSensitiveView: (sensitiveView: any) => void
<Button ref= {view => RNUxcam.occludeSensitiveView(view)}/>
Not supported
uxcamOcclude() -> some View

var body: some View  
		Text("Personal data: XYZ")  

		Text("Personal data: Gestures seen")  
			.uxcamOcclude(blockGestures: false)
void UXCam.OccludeSensitiveView(View sensitiveView)
You can occlude sensitive elements in your app by adding uxcam-occlude as your element class name.
// Example
<label for="email">Email:</label>
<input type="email" id="email" class="uxcam-occlude" name="email">


The API parameters are:
sensitiveView: A View object that contains sensitive information.

Hide Sensitive Screen

Use it to hide the whole application screen. It is useful when you don’t want to capture the whole view, e.g. for the payment screen. Call once with 'true' to start hiding the screen and later with 'false' to record normal contents again (when the sensitive view is no longer active).

RNUxcam.occludeSensitiveScreen: (occlude: boolean) => void
void occludeSensitiveScreen(bool occlude)
void UXCam.OccludeSensitiveScreen(bool occlude)
UXCam.occludeSensitiveScreen: (occlude: boolean) => void


The API parameters are:
occlude: Set TRUE to hide the screen from the recording, FALSE to start recording the screen contents again.

Hide All TextFields

Hides / un-hides contents of all the TextFields in session recording. The default setting is FALSE.

RNUxcam.occludeAllTextFields: (occludeAll: boolean) => void
Not supported
void UXCam.occludeAllTextFields(bool occludeAll)
UXCam.occludeAllTextFields: (occludeAll: boolean) => void


The API parameters are:
occludeAll: Set TRUE to hide all TextFields in the recording, FALSE to stop occluding them from the screen recording.